Relaxing Wellness Destinations in Thailand

Recharging and rejuvenating the body is essential no matter what you do or where you are in the world, and one of the best places to experience wellness is in Thailand!

Thailand has many relaxing wellness destinations, from warm sandy beaches to tranquil resorts and spas with traditional Thai massage and breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. We encourage you to treat yourself to wellness this year, and when you visit Thailand, you’ll have a list of incredibly relaxing activities that will reignite your soul!


Unspoilt & Serene Islands of Thailand

Thailand has a large number of beaches and islands known for extraordinary snorkeling opportunities and adventurous nature treks. However, there are also beaches where one can simply lay back and relax on the softest sand while sipping on a refreshing cocktail and feeling the breeze of the palm trees sway above you.


On the northern tip of Krabi is a white sand beach met by crystal clear, calm water with only the sounds of nature and gentle waves crashing to shore. Down the length of the beach are resorts for you to stay, and a few with dining on the shore and gorgeous views of Pak Bia residing in the distance. Tubkaak Beach is perfect for those looking to do nothing but relax and recharge, as the beach is very quiet despite its many resorts. However, if you want to have a little adventure, you may take a trail through the rainforest. One of the trails leads to Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint with tremendous views of Krabi Province.


Ko Phra Thong in Phang Nga Province has one of the longest beaches in Thailand, with about 8 miles of white sand beach for you to relax privately. Although there are few inhabitants on the island, there are accommodations for you to stay at and enjoy the serenity of the island. After sunbathing, dip your toes in the water or take a calming stroll along the beach while admiring the beautiful nature of the island. Many bird species inhabit the island, as well as Sambar deer and leopard cats.


Unlike Ko Phra Thang, Ko Kradan in Trang is on the smaller side with a stretch of beach about 2-3 miles long. This remote paradise is protected for conservation and offers a tranquil getaway ideal for wellness and self-care. The stunning landscape of emerald green water, white sand beach, and sunset vistas will leave you feeling breathless and composed. There are various accommodations on the beach, including dorms, bungalows, and tents, to truly connect with nature in one of the most peaceful destinations on earth.


Restful Resorts & Spas of Thailand

There are many wellness retreats throughout the country for you to rejuvenate your body and soul. 


Orion Healing Centre is a retreat that focuses on just that: healing. Here you can experience a total detox by cleansing the body of toxins with tools such as Reiki, meditation and yoga, and even nutritious plant-based food. Situated on Ko Phangan, Orion Healing Centre overlooks the white sand beaches. At the same time, you can enjoy many accommodations such as yoga shalas, spa rooms, an open-air bay-front cafe, and a wellness lounge. After your healing oasis is complete, relax on a hammock or bean bag while admiring the coconut trees and soft waves rolling onto shore.


One of the main reasons wellness is so important is that it can help find solutions to stress, anxiety, and daily-life challenges. Kamalaya Wellness Resort in Ko Samui does just that by offering holistic solutions to everyday pressures, all the while surrounded by exquisite nature. The resort is built around a cave that once served as a space where Buddhist monks came to meditate. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of wellness programs, from detox to yoga. The therapies the resort uses are a combination of Eastern healing traditions and Western medical research. It’s truly a relaxing oasis amid a natural landscape that must be experienced at least once!


About 45 minutes from Phuket is the incredible and quite popular seascape of Yao Noi on Phang Nga Bay. Six Senses Yao Noi is an island resort that offers luxurious wellness with pioneering healing treatments for you to enjoy while relaxing during your tropical getaway. The resort includes treatments such as the Thai Herbal Massage, which uses warm poultices containing plai, ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass applied to specific pressure points. Other facilities within the resort include a sauna, steam room, wellness consultation room, meditation room, and more.


Whether you want to sit back and relax on the beach, explore one of Thailand’s many serene temples, or partake in traditional Thai wellness practices, there are numerous relaxing wellness destinations for you to experience. 


Ask about exclusive amenities such as complimentary upgrades, complimentary breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, and more at select wellness resorts in Thailand.



Thailand’s appeal is universal, from the pulse of Bangkok and to the lush countryside of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, to the many beaches of the south. Thailand is bright and colourful with an abundance of warm and open people. Plus you'll be exposed to amazing architecture and ruins, royal history and an up close look at Buddhism. And don't forget about the bustling nightlife, great shopping and some of the best street food you'll ever taste.

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