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AmaWaterways meticulously designs its river cruise routes, spanning from Europe to Asia to Africa and now South America. These thoughtfully crafted itineraries guarantee a diverse array of memorable and enriching experiences, seamlessly connecting you with the rich tapestry of history, culture, gastronomy, and the people in each destination you explore.



Along Europe’s legendary rivers and waterways – the Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle, and Dutch and Belgian waterways – major trade routes were born, generations of timeless traditions and legends were created, castles and fortresses were built, wars brought destruction and historic capitals were reimagined as modern metropolises. From fascinating art and architecture to sumptuous food and wine, you’ll fall in love with everything the heart of Europe has to offer.


The Danube

Europe’s second longest river and inspiration for Strauss’s famous “Blue Danube” waltz, the Danube River passes through 10 countries and four capital cities—Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. The UNESCO-designated Wachau Valley and spectacular Iron Gates are among its most majestic natural wonders.


Dutch and Belgian Waterways

Belgium and the Netherlands sit below sea level and encompass the land around the Rhine Delta and North Sea. These so-called “Low Countries” are particularly susceptible to flooding; however, with such protective defenses as Zuider Zee and the Delta Works Projects, the regions have prospered and have given way to countless canals crisscrossing these countries.


The Rhine, Main and Moselle 

The Rhine River flows through Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Its upper middle valley—a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site—stretches for 40 miles and houses more than 40 castles and fortresses from the Middle Ages. The Rhine has two major tributaries: the Moselle, which flows past dramatic vineyard-clad landscapes and medieval towns with looming castles rising high above; and the Main, home to the 106-mile manmade marvel known as the Main-Danube Canal, which allows travel from the North Sea all the way to the Black Sea.


France, Portugal & Spain

Historic wine estates and châteaux, interactive wine museums and famed artists’ haunting grounds showcase the very best of France along its Garonne, Dordogne, Seine and Rhône rivers. Portugal’s Douro River offers fortified villages and romantic vineyards clinging to the sides of its dramatic slopes along its riverbanks. Both regions offer some of the world’s most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The Douro

This major river of the Iberian Peninsula flows from its source in Spain to its outlet in Northern Portugal, giving life to the region’s Old-World villages and picturesque cities. It is here where river cruisers discover the Douro River Valley, the birthplace of Port wine and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde Estuary

The Garonne and Dordogne rivers merge together to form the Gironde Estuary, which naturally divides the Bordeaux region into the Left and Right banks, each offering distinctive wines. Travelers from around the world flock to this region known for its wine and other tantalizing gastronomic delights.


The Seine and Rhône

The Seine flows through Paris and continues westward through Normandy to the English Channel. Some of its most striking features are the dramatic chalk cliffs that peek out above Les Andelys. The Rhône links thousands of vineyards and wineries in southeastern France and offers a wealth of artifacts and ruins, showcasing its prominent role in the development of cities in France.


The Saône & Rhône 

The serene Saône River flows from northeastern France into the Burgundy countryside. Historic Beaujolais vineyards beckon for passionate oenophiles to enjoy the local wine culture. Venturing south, the Saône rendezvouses with the Rhône River in France’s grand food capital, Lyon, later serving up palate-pleasing wonders from Avignon’s truffles to the legendary vineyards of Côte du Rhône. Roman ruins also await beyond the riverbanks, where fragrant lavender beckons in Provence in summer.



Walk the path less traveled. Discover the magic and beauty of a distant land. Delve deeply into local cultures and meet extraordinary people who have a remarkable resilience. At AmaWaterways, their love for travel has been the inspiration to bring their river cruise expertise to the more exotic parts of the world. Whether you choose to be mystified by the many charms of Southeast Asia or the mesmerizing wildlife of Africa, you’ll find few experiences in life as memorable and captivating as these.


Botswana and Namibia’s Chobe River

Stare wide-eyed as Africa’s largest population of elephants freely swim and splash about; or listen to the grunt of the rhino resting nearby. The Chobe River is undeniably one of Africa’s most beautiful rivers, supporting a diversity and concentration of wildlife unparalleled anywhere else on the continent. They offer five Africa itineraries with a unique combination of a four-night river safari and immersive land programs, the ultimate way to experience this must-see part of the world.


Vietnam and Cambodia’s Mekong River

Experience two incredibly diverse countries on this fabled waterway, known as “Nine Dragons River” for the nine tributaries that help produce life-giving rice in villages throughout the Mekong Delta. For centuries, the sagas of ancient empires, colonial powers and modern conflicts have unfolded along its banks. Cruising along the Mekong allows you to fully appreciate the sights and sounds of this fascinating

waterway bordered by flourishing forests, lush green hills and colorful stilt houses.


Nile River

Discover the land of pharaohs and pyramids on a Nile River cruise and land adventure through Egypt. From the impressive Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx to an exclusive excursion to the Tomb of Nefertari, join AmaWaterways aboard the newly designed AmaDahlia to uncover the many mysteries and secrets that have shaped Egypt’s past and continue to influence its future.


Colombia - Magdalena River - NEW in 2024

Join AmaWaterways in 2024 as they become the first major river cruise line to explore Colombia along its magnificent Magdalena River. At each port of call along the magnificent Magdalena River, you will explore Colombia’s rich history, vibrant culture, deeply rooted heritage, and local delicacies. While on board, you will enjoy exquisite, locally-sourced cuisine inspired by the Colombian Caribbean coast. Explore Colombia like never before.


The rivers of the world are waiting for you.

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Family-owned and operated for more than 21 years, AmaWaterways is a luxury river cruise line offering unforgettable experiences with 29 custom-designed ships sailing iconic rivers throughout Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa, Egypt, and, starting in 2025, Colombia. Co-founded by pioneering river cruise executives Rudi Schreiner, Kristin Karst and Jimmy Murphy, AmaWaterways is committed to its reputation of welcoming guests with a warm and inviting crew and creating immersive, truly authentic cultural experiences for active travelers of all ages. AmaWaterways leads the river cruise industry in innovation, highlighted by the launch of the revolutionary AmaMagna, and through its sustainable ship design, wide variety of small group shore excursions featuring biking and hiking options, and award-winning, locally sourced cuisine paired with fine wines from the world’s most acclaimed wine regions. 

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