Silversea Personalized Cruise Service

Silversea butlers take care of every detail of your voyage.

Around the world and around the clock, every suite comes with a butler to pamper you with personalized attention. Breeze through embarkation and step into the warm welcome of the white-gloved staff. Enjoy a glass of bubbly as the feeling of complete peace of mind takes over. Allow Silversea to indulge you with their undivided attention. Sounds good? That’s because it is. Better than good in fact.


At Home on the High Seas

It is the quality of Silversea's service that imparts such a wonderful sense of well-being as soon as you set sail on one of their luxury cruises. The relaxation that comes when you realize that all your needs are being taken care of for you — sometimes before you even ask.


As soon as you arrive onboard, you will be welcomed into the supreme luxury that has made Silversea a household name. Their team of butlers, trained to Silversea's superlative standards, will guide you through every aspect of your cruise, from ship to shore and back again.


You'll Wonder How You Ever Managed Before!

As you are led to your suite, you’ll understand why Silversea's butler service is the best on the sea. Let them take the lead as they explain the fabulous service they offer; no task is too big or too small!


Their team of polite, professional, and highly likable butlers really is the difference between a great cruise and an amazing one! From unpacking your case at the beginning of your voyage to shining your shoes to facilitating your laundry requests, their team of butlers are here to serve you.


They will make sure your room is always in pristine condition, ensure white tablecloth in-suite service, deal with any special request you might have, and guarantee your customized in-suite bar is always full!


Why Not Add a Little Extra Sparkle?

Every guest aboard a Silversea ultra-luxury cruise gets ultra-luxury service. But, as larger suites can accommodate larger parties, why not ask your butler to organize a little in-suite cocktail party? After all, great travel experiences are so much better when shared with like-minded friends.


From drawing a scented bath to making sure everything you want is looked after, Silversea's butler service is simply the best there is. But perhaps the greatest gift of their butler service is knowing that they are there when you need them and mysteriously disappear when you don’t.



Silversea is committed to making your voyage unforgettable by taking you to the most beautiful destinations on the planet in the comfort and elegance that you deserve. Our travel advisors boast about their spacious accommodations, butler service in ocean-view suites, and private verandas that truly upgrade your cruising experience. Silversea’s ocean voyages and expedition cruises sail to over 900 destinations on all seven continents, more than any other cruise line. 

Terms & Conditions

See your travel advisor for more information on Silversea's Butler Service.


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