Shake Up Your Perspective on Guided Vacations

Experience the most of each destination you visit.

On a guided vacation, travelers spend their time stepping into unique and immersive corners of the world. Coming home with special stories enriched by trekking across places unknown. Here are some examples of unique perspectives you’ll find on a guided vacation:


Zodiacs in Iceland

Iceland is an ethereal wonderland. And sure, you can get postcard-perfect images of no matter your vantage point for taking in its landscapes. But there’s something thrilling about stepping off the sidelines and jumping into those landscapes.


On the Icelandic Adventure small group tour, you’ll bundle up and get into that thermal gear for a whale watching cruise on Skjálfandi Bay. You literally cannot get any closer than this to whales in northern Iceland.


Aboard your specialized rigid inflatable boat, you just might catch a glimpse of the humpback, minke, fin or harbor porpoise, and possibly the orca or giant blue whales that frequent these waters.


Treks by Foot in Ireland

The seemingly endless rolling green hills, the stunning seaside cliffs, and stately castles come together to create the vibe you may think of when someone mentions Ireland, but there’s so much more to experience on the Emerald Isle. And the people who call Ireland home are going to be the ones to show it to you.


On The Best of Ireland small group tour, you’ll begin by getting to know Dublin on a walking tour. This tour is a local expert from the group Secret Street Tours, a non-profit that trains citizens formerly affected by homelessness to be guides in their own city. Instead of a panoramic city tour, you’ll hit the pavement and see the city through their eyes.


You’ll gain insight into their life story as you discover Dublin’s Liberties district. When you get to Galway, you’ll explore by foot and awaken all of your senses. Link up with a local foodie who will teach you all about the local culinary scene and how Galway’s cuisine breaks the stereotype of traditional Irish food during a walking food tour. 


Safari Boats and Tender Boats in South Africa  

Going on safari in itself is the definition of journeying beyond the coach, right? You’re spending your days hopping into a 4x4 and journeying across the plains and woodlands searching for lions, leopards, elephants, and the other unique game animals of Africa. But what about hippos? Crocodiles? Aquatic birds?


Enter the new Wilderness of Southern Africa: Safari by Land & Water small group tour. After several days of setting out on safari by land, you’ll set off on a cruise for 3 nights on a privately chartered safari boat along the stunning Lake Kariba, which is teeming with birdlife and game species.


You’ll have limited access to technology out here, which is a refreshing opportunity to revel in nature: Float along the still waters and search for the wildlife that calls it home. You’ll also have a front row seat to watching stunning sunsets bouncing like a mirror off the water.


During your 3-day stint on the lake, you’ll also get a chance to hop into a smaller tender boat, giving you the chance to cruise the upriver channels off of the lake! 


Collette's guided vacations offer these unique experiences and many more around the globe. Let's connect and discover the perfect one for you.

Every moment matters to Collette because they know it matters to you. Collette hires people who are passionate about sharing their own love of travel and uncovering mysteries. Choosing Collette comes with benefits that take your guided travel experience to another level. Their inclusive tours provide you more value for your money and more of what makes travel special.

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