Summer Travel Tips

Travel Tips

June 24, 2022


Summer travel is in full swing and for many of us, this is the first time we are taking to the skies in the last two years. Here are some travel tips to help you navigate this summer:


Plan ahead. Pre-book your transportation where you can, including getting to and from the airport, museum entries, train tickets etc. While it might feel like this takes some of the spontaneity away from your vacation, it will save you frustration and disappointment.


Pre-book your seats. Flights will be full and it’s worth the money to be able to sit with your travelling companion. You can’t guarantee people will move to accommodate you and it’s unlikely there will be extra seats.


As part of planning ahead, be sure to let your Direct Travel Advisor know if you're travelling for a special event such as a wedding or party. Our recommendation is to build extra time into your itinerary to ensure you are there in time.  Similarly, if you are taking a cruise, your Direct Travel Advisor will recommend arriving in your city a minimum of one day prior to your ship sailing.


If traveling to Canada, download the Arrive Can app before you leave and have an electronic copy of your vaccine certificate. 


Download your airline's app. It makes using electronic boarding passes easier, some airlines use their app to connect to their inflight entertainment.


Bring extra chargers and adapters. Most flights have seat charging ports for electronics, however on some aircrafts these are only USB ports, not plug ports, so newer iPhone chargers with USB-C ports can’t be plugged in. It’s recommended to also bring a charging cord for iPhone/iPad with standard USB connections. Most hotels and cruises also have USB charge ports, giving you options to charge your electronics if you forget your adapter.  Consider bringing a portable charger, in case you find yourself unable to charge through a port.


Arrive at the airport early. Checking in and going through security can take longer than expected.  So, make sure to arrive early so you don't have to rush or in the worst case, miss your flight. 


Have an extra set of clothing in your carryon bag. Aside from luggage delays, and flight delays, spills happen and you will be thankful to have a clean outfit at your fingertips.


Pack your patience and be kind. There are staff shortages around the world. This includes airport shuttles, airline staff, and crews. Hotels and restaurants are also experiencing staffing challenges.


Lastly, enjoy! After all, you deserve a vacation!


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