Princess Medallion Cruise Experience

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November 10, 2021


Rebecca Adams, Direct/Vision Travel’s Director of Supplier Relations, recently sailed with Princess Cruises and shared how the MedallionClass® enhanced her cruise experience.


Princess Medallion

Your Medallion stores all of your information, allowing for an easy “tap and go” for getting on and off of the ship. However, even better is that most of the Medallion scanners in the ship can read your medallion from about a 6-foot range.


This meant that you weren’t constantly swiping a card or being asked for your stateroom so you could use your beverage package. The onboard team simply checked for your security photo on their screen, verified you by calling you by your name, and were able to access your account. This led to a more personalized and all-inclusive feel.


In addition to the autoscan of your Medallion for beverages and meals, it automatically unlocked your stateroom when you were about 5 feet away. This mean no fumbling for your room key, trying to swipe it, etc. You could have had it in your purse or your bag and your door would have unlocked (similar to a keyless car system).


The Medallion system also allowed for personalized, interactive screens in the elevator areas throughout the ship. You can use it for navigation and connect to your personalized app on a larger screen.


MedallionClass App


Delivery of Food and Beverages ANYWHERE!

This is such a nice option, as you can sit anywhere on the ship and use the app to have food and drinks delivered to you. Through your Medallion, the ship staff can locate you and you can have food and drinks delivered directly to you.


Ship’s Daily Activity Schedule in your Pocket

The app automatically loads the schedule for whatever time it is and you can peruse the current activities you can participate in. Also, you have the ability to "bookmark" events.


Using the App for Dining Reservations

For the Standard Dining rooms you could choose private or shared table options – you could also walk-up without reservations if you wanted, but we preferred knowing we had a table. We made reservations several times and it was very easy. Specialty dining sold out fast, but you could make reservations through the app or by calling the dining line.


Step by Step Navigational Directions

You can use the app to get directions from where you are to any point on the ship


Help Chat Feature

The chat system allows you to ask questions and get answers from the convenience of a text to your phone.


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