In Praise of the Staycation

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February 28, 2020


Travel is great for the soul.  It expands our worldview, gives us an even greater appreciation of our own home and reenergizes us as it forces us to step away from the treadmill of every day.


The only thing is, sometimes the problem with traveling is, well, the traveling part.  Prepping for a vacation can be a project in itself.  Packaging, readying your house, arranging care for the dog, shopping for bits and pieces that will be needed for the journey, digging out seasonally appropriate clothes etc..  While setting off on your adventure is exciting, who doesn’t sigh with relief when they finally reach their destination?


There are times when all you need is break, a mini holiday between larger journeys.  Enter the Staycation.


Did you know your Direct Travel Advisor can help you with a mini break or a staycation in between the larger trips you have planned? Two or three nights at a local hotel or spa can give you just that recharge you need with minimal packing and travel time.  Spend a few days being a tourist in your own town, with all the amazing places in the world to explore, it can be easy to forget that your own hometown also has a wealth of activities.


Virtuoso and The Staycation


Did you know there are 122 Virtuoso hotels in the United States? These are great choices for your staycation as your Direct Travel advisor can offer you additional complimentary amenities such as complimentary breakfast, food & beverage credits and upgrades upon arrival when available to further enhance your luxury at home feeling.


Some of our Top Staycation Picks


Ritz-Carlton: Luxury Hotel & Resorts


Some of the most iconic hotels in United States are of course The Ritz-Carlton Hotels.  They offer city centre hotels such as the redesigned Central Park Hotel in New York, the San Francisco Hotel in California, and Fairmont Empress in Victoria. As well as resort based hotels such as The Waikiki Beach in Hawaii the Fairmont Whistler  and the Marina del Rey hotel in California which serve as excellent bases for outdoor pursuits.


Wellness Escapes


Mii amo is a world-class destination spa in Sedona, Arizona that defies the imagination. Voted #1 destination spa in US by Travel + Leisure, Mii amo is the location for you to spend more time reconnecting with the great outdoors. 


When your Staycation Ends


The beauty of the staycation is often the lack of a hard schedule and shorter travel times. Nothing quite kills the buzz of a relaxing holiday then a mad dash to the airport followed by a long journey.  At the end of your staycation, sleep in and make your way back home in your on time.



Speak to your Direct Travel Advisor to plan your Staycation Escape. Because sometimes you need a vacation between vacations.



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