Choosing your Stateroom for a Cruise

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June 25, 2019

To the uninitiated, it appears there are three choices for staterooms; inside, outside and balcony. The reality is on most ships is there is an array of staterooms to choose from leading many guests to ask, "what is the best choice."  And like with many of the questions our advisors get,  the answer is, whichever one suits your needs.


Why choose a balcony stateroom?


It used to be that balcony staterooms were the premium cabins on board, and the prices reflected it.  For the past ten years, new ships have been built offering more balconies than ever before. In fact, some ships are 90% balconies!  This increase has narrowed the pricing gap between interior staterooms and balcony staterooms.


Balcony staterooms give you your own private spot to watch the world glide by. There is something special about waking up and opening the curtain to reveal a new view every day.  Imagine easing into your travel day with a leisurely coffee on your private balcony looking out at the coast of Santorini or the swaying palm trees of Aruba. 


In Alaska, wildlife can present itself at any moment, in particular whales, having a balcony means not missing those magical moments when an orca breaches because you were in your stateroom dressing for dinner. 


 For parents travelling with children, your balcony provides a place to read or have a nightcap together after the kids have gone to sleep.


Who are you travelling with?


This is a consideration on where on the ship your stateroom is, particularly on the larger ships. Some rooms are closer to elevators making them convenient for guests with mobility issues. They locate family staterooms close to the kids' clubs on board and occasionally have tubs instead of showers, making it easier to bathe small children. 


Is it a romantic getaway or celebration? 


A spa suite or concierge level staterooms will offer extra amenities and make guests feel extra pampered.


Your Direct Travel Advisor


Your Direct Travel advisor is invaluable in helping you choose the right stateroom. They have experienced different staterooms on different ships. Vision Travel advisors also get insider knowledge from our partners on how the rooms may differ from one another. After all, your stateroom is an important part of your cruise vacation.


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