Top 5 Benefits from Traveling Solo

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July 20, 2020


There are many reasons to travel solo; maybe you’re single, in a relationship, or want the privacy of your own room while travelling with friends. Regardless of the reason, solo travelling is a unique and rewarding experience that allows you to view the world from a different perspective.


Here are our 5 top benefits for travelling solo:


You get to choose your own itinerary.


This is probably the biggest advantage of travelling solo; there are no restrictions to itinerary, destination, or time. Travelling solo allows you to make decisions that best fit your desires. This doesn’t mean you can’t meet up with friends or go out for dinner with other people, solo travel gives the freedom to decide your travel plans on your own terms.


Solo travel gives you the flexibility to spend an extra day at the hotel you love, join a last-minute adventure, visit a highly recommended restaurant, or explore at your own pace. When there’s just you to think about, you can be totally flexible and go do the things that are at the top of your list, at your own pace.


Great opportunities to try new things.


It is often said that travelling is a great way to open new doors and meet new people. This is especially true when solo travelling. You may stumble across a place or activity that will change your entire life, or meet someone that wants to collaborate in the future. The truth is, the world is a small place and we never know who or what will come to us next.


So, use your solo travel experiences to get to know yourself better, meet new people, and try new things; it is one of the few times in life where you will be able to truly reflect on your experiences and grow as a person.


Experience Personal Growth


There’s no doubt you will create unforgettable memories when travelling with family or friends on the same itinerary. But when looking back on a solo trip, you will realize all the things you learned on the road, the friendships you made, the choices you were faced with, and the challenges you overcame; You will be able to reflect on how you were able to adapt and learn a new culture.


You will meet new people.


When travelling with family and friends, we normally stick together throughout the whole trip, and are less likely to wander away from our group. However, when travelling solo, you are more likely to interact with locals, meet new friends, and be more open to local adventures.


By travelling solo, you are more likely to strike up a conversation at a bar or on a hiking trail that could be the start of a friendship. Furthermore, when interacting with locals, you will have an immersive experience that gives you a true sense of your travel destination.


It will get you out of your comfort zone.


Travelling solo may seem intimidating at first, especially if you are travelling to an unknown destination and experiencing a different culture and language. However, by putting yourself outside of your bubble, you will be able to face challenging decisions, overcome fears and obstacles, and discover what you are truly capable of.


You will face many challenges such as asking for directions in a foreign language or driving on a different side of the road. These experiences allow you to gain self-confidence and grow as an individual.


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