Undiscovered Italy for Families with Globus

Travel off the beaten Piazza with Family! 

For those who may have already stood inside the storied walls of the Colosseum or marveled at the chiseled lines of David; families that have already cruised the ancient canals of Venice and leaned into comical photos next to Pisa, Globus offers a whole new way to enjoy a family vacation in Italy while delving into the beauty of fewer crowds.


From north to south and heel to toe, Globus’ Undiscovered tours offer families an incredible way to explore Italy's off-the-beaten piazza. To explore new sights, dip their toes in sparkling seas, bike along rolling hills, and enjoy the magic of Italy that’s waiting to be discovered, just beyond the country’s popular cities and landmarks.


On Globus’ 9-day Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy, for instance, families are invited to wander through Bari’s Old Town where they can savor the flavors of fresh local produce and wine; to stroll with grandparents through Alberobello and soak in the views of the “Trulli” and take the perfect family photo along Italy’s Amalfi Coast.


The Sicillian – a 10-day tour on this island in the heart of the Mediterranean – invites families to enjoy overnight explorations in places like Palermo, Mazara del Vallo, Agrigento, Ragusa, and Taormina Riviera, offering them ample opportunities to see a different side of life by taking in the sights at night while engaging with locals and savoring local specialties at dinner tables across Sicily.


Parmesan and prosciutto, ruins and the riviera take center stage on Globus’ Northern Italy’s Highlights and Cinque Terre Undiscovered Italy vacation. Featuring cultural gems like Parma, Lucca, Rapallo, and Turin, this getaway offers family time amongst the awe-inspiring Alps, along cheerful promenades, and while enjoying world-famous cheese!


From hotels to sightseeing to transportation, not to mention side-stepping lines plus storytelling galore, Globus’ Undiscovered tours provide parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles the opportunity to focus on fun as they enjoy treasured family togetherness and memorable moments on the perfect, Italian getaway!


The World is Yours to Enjoy with Globus. With Globus Tours, everything is planned for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With more inclusions and experiences, Globus gives you the freedom and time to explore within the group, and on your own. They choose hotels that rest in the heart of each destination giving you a VIP experience. And with their top travel experts and guides, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

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